historic photo of loggers

Photo Credit: Michael Murphy. Murphy logging crew in Bend, Oregon, c.1980.
From left: Dennis J. Murphy, Sr., Kenny Weber, Frank Betz, Steve Smith, unknown, Bill McKinney, Bunny Costello, Joe Eisel, Buster Wright ("Bull of the Woods"), unknown.

Company History

Astoria Forest Products was formed in early 2014 by Murphy Overseas U.S.A. Holdings (Murphy Overseas.) Murphy Overseas is now a fourth-generation privately held company owned and run by the Murphy family. The original Murphy Timber Company was founded in Yacolt, Washington in 1909 by family patriarch Edward Murphy, an Irish immigrant to the United States.

The Early Days of Logging

Logging back then was very primitive, and Edward started off using oxen and a steam donkey with transportation provided by railroad and flume.

Fourth-generation Murphys Dennis Jr and Timothy are active in running the company, and Timothy Murphy is also President of Astoria Forest Products.

A Century of Success

We've learned a lot since grandfather Edward began felling trees with his oxen 105 years ago. Technology and business practices have become vastly more efficient, and the Murphy family continues to grow and adapt with the times. Astoria Forest Products brings the best of the Murphy family legacy to Astoria for the 21st century.

Edward purchased a sawmill early on and began providing materials for rebuilding after the destruction of San Francisco in the great earthquake of 1906. He grew the business and sold it to his sons before the second World War. They in turn grew the business and in the 60's sold it to the third generation of Murphys, who changed the name to Murphy Company.

Murphy Overseas

Murphy Overseas USA LLC was founded in 1976 by Dennis J Murphy Sr. - grandson of Edward and Co-owner and Director of Murphy Company. Murphy Overseas is a general trade company with offices in Portland, OR and Gearhart, OR.