logs hanging from crane

As a supplier to the export log market, Astoria Forest Products is dedicated to providing quality wood products to customers around the world. We sell and ship debarked logs to Pacific Rim countries mostly for use in construction. We also sell bark dust and biomass locally.

Astoria, Oregon is located in a prime "wood basket" of the Pacific Northwest. The Port of Astoria is strategically positioned at the mouth of the great Columbia River, providing superior and efficient access to all of the Pacific Rim.

Product Specifications

Log Sellers and Buyers:

Please contact us with questions.

Logs of EXPORT quality; Green fresh production. All meet specifications: details available on request.



Min Top Diameter: 7"
Length: 26' - 39'

Maximum Butt Diameter: 39"
Trim Requirements: 12"

Preferred Lengths:

26', 33', 36', 39' plus 12" trim
Then 2-ft multiples, 26' - 39' acceptable
--- 35' length average required ---

Unacceptable Lengths:

Logs < 26 feet minimum
Logs > 40 feet maximum